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AGAVirtual Office

AGA has Partnered with Version2 LLC for Virtual Office Offerings:

Virtual Office: Overview

Version2 provides a fully managed cloud computing service for small business. We deliver your data, applications, and email to your end-users through an easy to use web portal. Any broadband Internet connection and almost any computing device can be used to login to the portal and access your information. For a fixed monthly fee you get an enterprise-class technology infrastructure, secure access to your information, guaranteed uptime, free technical support, and none of the headaches of owning your own computing infrastructure.

We understand that technology plays a vital role in supporting and moving your company forward. In these highly competitive times, businesses are looking for options and alternatives to traditional methods of doing business. Our hosted services give your company immediate competitive advantages by practically eliminating the huge upfront costs, ongoing support costs and hassle that go along with owning computing technologies. You no longer purchase servers, software, data center space or network equipment, but instead pay monthly for the resources as a fully outsourced service. We own, manage and maintain the computing systems, so you don't have to. All you need to do is turn-on, log in, and work.

Our hosted services deliver "Fortune 500" computing technology to your business, without the need to invest a fortune to get it.

: All communication between your computer and our hosting facilities is encrypted.
Accessibility: Our hosted service allows you to work from virtually anywhere on virtually any computing device.
Availability: We guarantee 99.99% uptime for our hosted services.
Savings: You no longer need to purchase, maintain, or repair expensive servers and no longer pay for upgrades to Microsoft Office or Windows server systems.
Piece of Mind: Know that your information is securely stored and backed up.