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activeARC WIFI

Featuring the AT&T activeARC500EM and the activeARC1000MAP, activeARC2000MAP and the activeARC3000MAP


                                       ARC500EM                                                                   ARC1000MAP           ARC2000MAP            ARC3000MAP

                                 MSRP of $3,999.00                                                              MSRP $449               MSRP $549               MSRP $1499

Easy to deploy, simple to use, and manage

Web-based configuration configures an entire WLAN in minutes. AT&T Intelligent access points auto-discover the arc500EM. Centralized management and automatic, real-time optimization is executed for the entire WLAN.

Distributed forwarding architecture/Centralized architecture

Maximizes data throughput by sending all data traffic directly from the access points to the wired network

Flexible deployment options

activeARC500EM interacts with existing network and security infrastructure and provides dynamic RF management across APs to eliminate AP placement issues


Automatic user security

Eliminates the requirement to configure and update individual PC client devices with unique encryption keys


Complete integration

Combines network management, dynamic RF management and AP control within a low-cost solution


Advanced WLAN features and functions

Role-based user policies, WLAN groupings, internal authentication database, rogue AP detection and client thresholds per AP


The arc500EM is an SMB and Mid-market Intelligent Mobility LAN system delivering a feature-rich and content delivery-focused networking tool.  Engineered to create efficiency both within the network but also ensure ease-of-use and simplicity for the IT staff, this secure, robust and easily expandable control system is unmatched in the mid-market for handling today’s mobility requirements and tomorrows next-gen technologies.


The arc500EM initially controls up to 32 of activeARC Intelligent Wi-Fi Access Points (ARC1000MAP, ARC2000MAP, ARC3000MAP) from a single central location.  Supporting networks from the SMB up to 500 users, the activeARC product family ensures investment value as it can grow with business requirements up to 2,000 users and beyond.  The centralized system utilizes SystemWatch™ for enhanced control of security, providing greater control and management of clients in an ever growing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) business environment.