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More Benefits

Know your IT Costs. Since costs are fixed per user, you'll always know your IT costs.

Flexiblity. Hosted services give your company the flexibility to dynamically grow or shrink your IT costs and capacity. Users, applications and capacity can be added or removed as needed.

Expansion, made easy. Grow your business without hassle, as you only need an Internet connection to expand your business to an additional location.

Increased employee productivity. With hosted services, you can work from almost anywhere. No more being confined to the office to work.

Better focus. Eliminate all the time wasted on computer-related issues and put the focus where it belongs: on your business.

Added security. We've implemented several layers of security and multiple types of backups to ensure that your information is safe and secure. From the time you log into your applications to the time you log out, all communication is encrypted. All incoming e-mail is scanned by our systems to intercept viruses and other malicious content before they ever arrive in your mailbox. In the event your PC becomes infected, take comfort in knowing the applications and data stored in our hosting facilities are not affected.

Work anywhere, anytime. Whether you're at the office, at home, on a client site, at your favorite coffee shop or on vacation, all of your data is accessible over any broadband Internet connection. Your information is accessible 24/7/365!

Compatible with all devices. You can access your information from whichever client operating system or device is most convenient, including a desktop or laptop PC, Macintosh, thin client, iPad, netbook and even mobile devices such as the iPhone or Android-based smartphones.

Gain a competitive advantage. Our Virtual Office service gives your business immediate competitive advantages by practically eliminating the huge up-front investment, ongoing support costs and headaches that go along with owning your own computing infrastructure. You no longer have to purchase servers, server software or data center space, but instead pay monthly for the resources as a fully outsourced service. We own, manage and maintain the computing systems, so you don't have to.